Note – This guide has not been tested for compatibility on all USB dongles.

If you are unable to connect to the internet using the data dongle it could be caused by a few factors. This guide will run through troubleshooting these: 

1) A common fix for most issues is to update the software. You can find the latest software from the manufacturers website.

2) Test the SIM card in a phone. This will identify if the problem is network/SIM card related. The phone  that the SIM card is put in will need to be Vodafone unlocked or it will not work.

Once you have put the SIM into a phone, you can test browsing the internet. If it works, test it again in  the data dongle; the issue could be caused by the number not being used for a long time and the easiest 

way to get it updated onto Vodafone’s systems is to use it in a mobile. If it doesn’t, please contact DV02 for assistance. 

3) Check the APN settings in dongles software. This should set itself automatically. However, sometimes it doesn’t. To check this, open the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software, and click the Advanced view. There will be a Priorities tab along the top, under there you can see a Add Settings button in the box that says Connections. When you click that, select Mobile and then click ok. From the next Window, you will see a Network tab along the top; this will contain the APN settings. Where it say  Edit APN (Access Point Name) this will need to read internet with the Authentication box ticked. The  username and password are both Web.