Record a personal greeting

Give it that personal touch so your friends are sure it's you:

1. Call voicemail on 121

2. Press 1, then 2 for the greeting menu

3. Record a message to greet anyone who calls.

Pick up your voicemail from another phone or abroad

You can also pick up your voicemails from someone else’s phone or from abroad by calling +447836 121 121 and using your  security PIN. 

Turn off your voicemail

If you decide you don't want voicemail anymore, just call 1210 to turn it off.

Send all your calls straight to voicemail

Just call 1212 to divert all your calls, and then call 1213 to stop the diversion.

Save a message

To save a voicemail message for another seven days, just press 7 when you're listening to it.

Call someone back straight away

Just press 5 when you’re listening to a message – this will be charged at the standard out of bundle mobile rate.

Change the length of time before my calls go to voicemail?

Here's the science bit:

1. Enter **61*121*11*

2. Then enter the number of seconds you'd like your phone to ring for (it has to be between 5 and 30 in a multiple of

5), followed by #.

3. For example, if you want to set if for 25 seconds, you’d enter **61*121*11*25#, then press call.

4.We'll send you a message to let you know your ring time has been set. All done!

Change how you’re alerted to a new voicemail

There are three ways voicemail can alert you to new messages: by text, by an icon on your phone screen, or by calling you  back. To make a change: 

1. Call 121 and press 1 for the main menu

2. Press 4 then 3

3. Pick your alert type - 2 for text, 3 for a call or 4 for an icon

When you’re abroad, it’ll always come through as a text.

Get a text reminder if somebody calls but doesn’t leave a message

You’ll always know if you’ve missed a call. If your phone was switched off, you’ll get the text reminder when you turn it back  on. Don’t need the service? Just call 121 and change your voicemail settings. 

Send a call straight through to voicemail

Save time – leave a message for friends when you don’t have time to chat. It’s easy to do:

1. Call 07836 121 121

2. Press ‘1’

3. Tap in any Vodafone number

4. Leave your message

Send your voicemails from one phone to another

Listen to your messages then send them to your friend’s voicemail – it works for all Vodafone mobiles.

Make your ‘out of office message’ as long as you want

Get your message across - there’s no time limit to your recording. When it’s on, your message replaces any other greetings  you’ve got on your phone. Don’t worry, it doesn’t delete them – they will still work when you turn the message off.

Make a temporary greeting for your voicemail

Create a temporary message for your voicemail when you have an unexpected change of plans. It overrides your other  greetings, without deleting them. So you can just switch it off to get them back.