International Bars

Bar Name What it does…
International and premium bar Bars any international usage. Whilst abroad and calling internationally from the UK. It will also bar premium rate calls.
Roaming Bar Bars any usage whilst abroad.

General Bars

Bar Name What it does…
ALL Calls barred Incoming and outgoing calls are barred.
Outgoing Calls bar Bars outgoing calls.
Incoming Calls bar Bars incoming calls.
Stolen Bar Admin bar – completely bars any use.
Mobile Originating SMS Bar Bars text messages from being sent.
Mobile Terminating SMS Bar Bars texts messages from being received.
Combined SMS bar Bars texts message from being send and or received.
MMS Mobile Originating Bar Bars picture messages from being sent.
MMS Mobile Terminating Bar Bars picture messages from being received.
Premium rate SMS bar Bars text messages to premium rate numbers
GPRS bar Bars data use everywhere.
Content Control Prevents users who are under 18 from accessing inappropriate picture and internet services over the Vodafone networks