1. Please follow these steps to divert calls from your BlackBerry to your landline number. 

2. These are button presses from the main home screen:

3. Press Green (call/answer) button

4. Press BlackBerry button (with dots)

5. Scroll through list of to ‘Options’ and select this

6. Select Call Forwarding

7. The screen will display ‘Please Wait’ and a blue bar in a box

8. On the next page press the BlackBerry button (with dots)

9. Now select ‘New Number’ and then select [Use Once] from the top of the list that  appears 

10. Now type in the number you wish to divert to and press the return key

11. Press the ‘Back’ button and select save from the box that appears

12. Now you should have ‘Forward Calls’ highlighted at the top of the screen, press the  middle button / ball and then select Always from the drop down menu. 

13. Scroll down and then select ‘Do Not Forward’ and from the drop down menu select the  number you have entered earlier. 

14. Press the ‘Back’ button and select ‘Save’

15. You should then get a message pop up on the screen saying that the calls are diverted.

16. To cancel the divert follow steps 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

17. Push the trackpad / roller ball where it says Always and change this to ‘Conditional’ and  press the ‘Back’ button and select Save. This will revert the call divert so that voicemail still works properly.