To download Desktop Manager follow this link to the download section of the RIM website -

Select the drop down list and select ‘BlackBerry Desktop Software V5.0 (Service Pack 1  (5.0.1), once selected click Next, from the nest page select either With or Without Media Manager (Media Manager allows picture and music sync with your BlackBerry). 

Select No from the next page, and then Download a little further down. Please save the file  on your desktop so you can install it easily. 

Once downloaded, please run the downloaded program and follow the steps through the  installation process.


During the installation, you will be asked if you want to install the program in one of the two

following ways:

1 – as a personal/internet installation – use this if you run POP3, IMAP or Gmail/Hotmail

2 – as a work/blackberry enterprise installation – use this option if you have a work  BlackBerry linked to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server 

Once you have selected the option you require please follow the on-screen guide / steps to  completing the installation. 

If you selected personal/internet you will see ‘Device Connected’ displayed along the  bottom, whereas if you selected work/enterprise option you will see ‘Server Status’, ‘Device  Connected’ and ‘Active Device’ displayed along the bottom. This is the easiest way of identifying which type of installation has been done if the computer already has this software installed.