This process can be used if you are a BIS user and moving to a new BlackBerry, or if you are moving  to a new BlackBerry on a BES server. 

1. BlackBerry Desktop Manager needs to be installed onto your computer, please follow our guide to  downloading and installing Desktop Manager or if this has already been installed please open this  software. 

2. Now connect your device to the computer using the USB lead supplied in the box with the  BlackBerry. 

3. Wait for the software to connect to the device and cancel any request to update software.

4. Now select the Back Up / Restore feature and then Back Up the data from your BlackBerry – save  this to your desktop so it is easy to find. 

5. Now disconnect your BlackBerry, remove the battery, sim card and memory card and put the sim  and memory cards into the spare BlackBerry. Wait for this to turn on and go through the start up wizard. 

6. Now connect to the USB lead and then select Back Up / Restore again, this time selecting Restore  and select the file you made earlier from the backup

Once this is complete, disconnect your BlackBerry.

You can now wipe the old BlackBerry once you have confirmed