The Red Box RBR2600 Series recorder requires that certain ports are open in order for various recorder

functions to work. This document does not consider the use of ports by such operating system utilities as Remote



80 - Web access

This port need not be opened if all replay and management is performed from the recorder desktop.

161 – SNMP

If it is desired that SNMP is used to monitor the recorder then this port needs to be open.

123 – SNTP

If the recorder is to act as a NTP / SNTP time source then this port is required to be open.

1400 - Remote Monitor

If the recorder is to be monitored using the Red Box Recorders Remote Monitor application then this port must

be open.

1401 - Remote Applications Interface

If applications written to use the RBR2600 API (RAI) are to be used then this port must be open. This includes

applications such as the Call Archiver and Virtual Observer.

3553 - Auto-discovery

If the Red Box Recorders MURAL family of applications are used then this port should be open – if it is not then

the addresses of the recorders have to be added by hand.

6473 – CTI

If remote control of recording is required then this port must be open.

5900 – VNC

This port must be open if remote control of the desktop is required using the VNC Viewer.

5800 - VNC in a browser

This port is used by the Java applet method of remote desktop control using VNC.