Step 1: Login into Horizon using your username and password supplied to you.

Step 2: Go to “Call Groups” tab then select “Hunt Group”.

Step 3: Click the “Add” button to add a new Hunt Group or "Edit" button to edit a current Hunt Group.

Step 4: Fill out the corresponding details for the Hunt Group, example below:


Step 5: Select the type of ring order you would like to assign the Hunt Group.

  • Circular – Sends calls in a fixed order. The call is sent to the first available user on the list, starting with the user following the last user to receive a call.
  • Regular – sends calls to users in the order they are listed. The call is sent to the first user in the list, always starting with the first user.
  • Simultaneous – Sends calls to all users within a group. The first user to pick up the phone will have the call routed to them.
  • Uniform – Sends calls to the user who has been idle the longest. Once a call is completed that user will be moved to the bottom of the list. Calls received but not routed through the Hunt Group will not be applied to this routing.
  • Weighted – sends calls randomly to users based on a weighted % of calls to answer. For example out of 10 calls 2 users may be weighted as 40% and 60% meaning 4 calls and 6 calls are delivered as defined to the associated users.

Step 6: You are also able to set the amount of rings before the Ring Order moves to the next phone, this can be done by set in the “No Answer Action Section”.

Step 7: Select the Users you would like to be part of this Hunt Group, an example of this is placing all sales users into a Hunt Group called sales.


Step 8: You can now assign a number to the Hunt Group, This will mean when the number is called it will activated the Ring Order. You are also able to assign an extension number is necessary.


Step 9: Call recording & Voice mail can be set for Hunt Groups if necessary

Step 10: Click “Save”, now you have successfully created / edited a Hunt Group.